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I'm not sure if anyone comes around here or not anymore, but incase you do, here's a little update about me. I made this roadcourse that i talked about, and i almost posted it but i never got around to it, too busy with college (spring 2006 is my last semester). I then had a harddrive failure and having never uploaded it or copied it to any computer, i lost the track. Over this Christmas break i'm hoping to make another track, but i do only have 2 and a half weeks. I was reading a thread on the US Pits message board and Steve B. gave me a shoutout in the sims history, so i just thought i'd drop a note if anyone came here. It been a long time since those Front pit patches prompted the start of this site.

I've been working on a roadcourse i'm not sure if i'm going to upload it or not. I might put some pictures up soon

So I made a Track for NR2003. its called Altoona Raceway:

Download Altoona here!

.6 miles short track oval Turns are banked 25 degrees frontstretch is 10 degrees backstretch is banked 14 degrees
There's a bump coming off of turn 2, i thought about removing the bump, but i started to enjoy it so i left it in. some of the
This is my first track that I have made for NR2003. I made it all on my own, some of the 3dos and such were taken from other tracks, but the track itself is original.
It also may take the pace car a lap to catch up to the field, didn't spend too much time trying to fix this.
the setups should be pretty good, they worked well for me anyways.
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